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AI Implementation 

Across industries, we’re helping clients strategically consider and implement AI to improve efficiency, customer retention, and time-to-market.

Our services include end-to-end project implementation including,  creating training datasets for industry domains, finetuning models, independent benchmarking, and meeting AI safety and security regulatory guidelines. 

 Relevant datasets

Benchmark Evaluation

Fine tuned models 


What We Offer

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NLP expertise

The ability to analyze, understand, and generate human language using AI is more than just a technological advancement—it's a competitive edge. From automating customer service interactions to extracting valuable insights from unstructured data, NLP (natural language processing) stands at the forefront of enhancing business operations, improving customer experiences, and driving innovation.

Our team of experts have experience in building, fine-tuning, deploying NLP AI for  real world use cases.

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Benchmarking AI 

With so many AI models , choosing the correct model requires understanding real world business requirements then mapping them to AI model capabilities. 

Our experience across closed-source and open-source models gives your business an edge in making the right investment into an AI model.


We partner with you to convert your business requirements into benchmarking tests to confidently decide the AI model which is fit for purpose.

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Generative AI fine-tuning 

We understand that your industry, business is unique and in some cases delivering an outstanding experience means fine-tuning the Generative AI model to capture context specific to your needs. We welcome opportunities to fine-tune these models to make them relevant for your domain.

Our AI model fine-tuning service includes creating training datasets, training the model and post training model evaluation.


Responsible AI

Our AI Safety and Security consulting services are at the forefront of fostering Responsible AI practices, emphasizing ethical AI development, robust security measures, and the safeguarding of privacy and fairness. We guide organizations through the complexities of AI integration, ensuring that your AI solutions are not only powerful and efficient but also trustworthy and aligned with ethical standards.

With the Right Partner, Great Things Can Happen

With a deep understanding of both the technical and strategic facets of AI, our team is uniquely positioned to bring innovative solutions to your most challenging problems. From ideation to implementation, we're with you every step of the way.

Great things happen not by chance, but through the cultivation of relationships built on trust, expertise, and a shared vision for the future. Partner with us, and together, we will unlock new possibilities.

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