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AI enabled search

Open source AI powered search for your website, internal data in 3 easy steps.

Install , Configure, Activate 

Speed & Relevance

Highly scalable

Semantic Search 


What We Offer

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High Speed Natural Language Search

With AIWhispr you can enable natural language search queries for your website, product. Customers can  search using queries like "I want to buy a red Honda Civic, 5 years old, mileage below 50K  with car navigation, full service history" or internal search for documents can be "show me the procedures to clean a 3d printer bed"

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Choose Open Source Deployed / Managed SaaS

AIWhispr is an open source software, it's free to download the latest release from our GitHub page and deploy it in your environment. 

Our SaaS offering is perfect for those who want to leverage our expertise to host, manage, monitor their AIWhispr deployment. 

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Support AI fine-tuning 

Open source large language models integrated with AIWhispr are generally good. However, we understand that your industry, business is unique and in some cases delivering an outstanding search experience means fine-tuning the AI model to capture context specific to your needs. We welcome such opportunities to fine-tune these models to build relevance for your domain.


We will always be open source

AIWhispr aims to democratise semantic search; being open source is part of our commitment towards this goal.

We welcome those who want to collaborate with us in our open source journey. Join us at

With the Right Search, Great Things Can Happen

AI Whispr is open source tool that activates semantic search, powered by  open source AI which understands intent. Whether your customers search using keywords, exact phrases  or free-form expressions,  they can find relevant information.


Join our Alway Free or Grow plan to start building unique semantic search experience. 

For custom pricing plans to enable enterprise scale search please contact us at

Always Free


Open Source
Download from our GitHub repository at
Distributed under MIT license

at speed


Includes 100,000 searches/month and  100,000 records. 
Bring AI with semantic search to production. Hosted on high availability infrastructure
additional searches at 
$0.4/1000 searches/month
additional records at 
$0.4/1000 records/month


Contact us

Includes volume discounts, integration support, AI model consulting.
A record can have a maximum of 2,000 normal English words.
For comparison, a typical blog is 1,500 to 2,000 words. A typical fictional book contains 60,000 - 70,000 words.

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